Mohs Surgery

Skin Cancer Removal: Outpatient surgery under local anesthesia (and mild sedation if desired). Dr Smith removes the skin cancer and microscopically verifies on site that all cancerous cells have been removed. The cure rate is 98%-99%. After the surgery to remove the cancer is complete, he then performs the cosmetic reconstruction to repair the defect left from skin cancer removal.

Cosmetic Reconstruction

Most of the skin cancer reconstruction procedures we perform are done following Mohs surgery on the face and neck. Dr. Smith performs cosmetic reconstruction of the skin defect using local flaps and grafts. This procedure can be performed immediately after the Mohs surgery is complete or soon after. Complex reconstruction can require staged procedures done over the course of one to two months.

Recovery and Results

The length of recovery time needed after skin cancer reconstruction varies depending on factors such as whether the reconstruction is performed as part of the initial procedure or later and the extent of surgical repair required. Our goal is to minimize scarring and changes in your appearance postoperatively. The appearance of the treated area may be further improved by using surgical correction, fat transfer,a dermal filler such as JUVÉDERM®, or CO2 laser treatments. These procedures are usually performed 3-6 months after the initial reconstruction.